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Tips & Tricks For Summer Hair

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Tips & Tricks For Summer Hair

Summer, though really a great time to be outdoors, is also a time to be extra caring towards your hair. And here we show you useful ways to ensure hair care in summer.

1.It is essential you cover your hair with a hat or a scarf during summers. This protects it from the harmful UV rays and but if you don’t want to you have one more way to keep your hair retaining moisture. Berina Hair Coat is having Silicone Gum and Cyclomethicone based serum with Sunscreen Protection which provides the protection from harmful sun rays, dust and pollution. The unique formula provides powerful outcomes which helps hair to become healthy, silky and shiny, it also prevents and protects your hair dryness after any chemical treatment, it keeps hair tangle free. After Shampoo rinse just take 4-5 drops of Berina Hair Coat and apply throughout the length of hair before step out from home to keep your hair pollution free. Available in 2 sizes Weight: 30 ml and 85 ml.

2. Don’t forget to or skip conditioning; it helps de-frizz your hair during the humid season. Also, opt for deep conditioning at least once a week with Berina Protien Conditioner. The real secret to perfectly glossy hair is choosing a right conditioner. Berina the extra light protein conditioner with hydrolyzed protein and silicone gently cleanses while weightlessly smoothing damaged, distressed hair. The unique formula provides powerful outcomes which help hair to become healthy, silky and shiny. It nourishes and smoothes even the most sensitive of strands, leaving your client’s hair manageable and shiny.

MRP Rs. 280/-

3. Love to hair styling??… without worry about hair damage…try Berina Heat Protector. It’s essential product to shield your hair from the damage and distress caused by repetitive styling. A great way to give your hair a new lease of life, the weightless finish protects your client’s hair from exposure to heated tools without leaving a sticky residue. Not only does Berina Heat Protector protect hair from heat damage, it also nourishes it. The product contains pro-vitamin B5 with two systems of milky spray. It is a must-have for all hair types.

4. Hair tends to get burnt in the hot sun and can turn brownish. Colored hair too tends to fade if you stay outdoors too long. There is a best way for keep your hair alive. Berina Shiny Wax gives definition and prevents flyway with natural glycerin. It delivers intense shine-200% more than natural hair. This resin-free formula prevents product buildup for an ultra-clean feel. It contains Fatty Alcohol, Polyquaternium, jojoba oil, Silicone and Fragrance suitable for colored hair, as it gives your hair rich color and healthy glossy shine making it easy to style as desired.

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