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Timeless Hair-Care Tips by Celebrity hairstylists

Berina  Makeup & Cosmetics   Hair Care   Timeless Hair-Care Tips by Celebrity hairstylists

Timeless Hair-Care Tips by Celebrity hairstylists

1# Soothe Dry Strands with Almond Butter

To moisturize dry hair, apply organic almond butter to the parched areas and let soak for 30 minutes. Then shampoo and rinse well, says stylist David Babaii.

2# Extend the Life of a Blowout with Dry Shampoo

To maintain a glam blowout days after you visit the salon, spritz dry shampoo onto the scalp, then brush through hair. (Don’t blow-dry or hair will look dirtier.)

3# Blow-Dry Like a Pro with a Blast of Cold Air

Celebrity hairstylist Oscar Blandi recommends dividing your hair into left, right, and back sections, setting the nozzle attachment to focus the air directly on hair, and blasting the back section. Switch the temperature to cool after hair is completely dry—the cold air will help lock in the style.

4# Your Toothbrush: A No-Fuss Flyaway Fix

To lock down stray hairs, spritz holding spray onto a toothbrush, then brush around the part, hairline, and above the ears, advises celebrity hairstylist Mark Townsend. (Just don’t use the same brush to clean your teeth!)

5# Brighten Your Hair with Lemon and Beer

To help keep hair color from fading, stylist Oscar Blandi recommends squeezing a lemon into a glass of beer, pouring the mixture over your hair, and soaking for five minutes while sitting in the sun. Seal the deal by shampooing and conditioning.

6# Fight Frizz with Hair Serums

Hair Serums help reduce frizz. Apply to the back of the head first, because that spot can handle more product. Once you’ve coated your strands, sleep in braids – in the morning you’ll wake up to soft, silky waves.

7# Keep Conditioner Away From Your Scalp

The scalp’s natural oils condition, so apply conditioner three or four inches away from your scalp to avoid weighing down hair, says stylist Mark Townsend.

8# Protect Hair with the Right Tools

Prep hair with a thermal protective spray and use an ionic dryer, which dries hair faster. Also, to prevent hot spots, keep the dryer moving.

9# Dye Dirty Hair to Prevent Irritation

“The scalp’s natural oils work as a buffer to prevent irritation,” says colorist James Corbett. And it’s easier to section-off second day hair, which ensures even color distribution.

10# Honey: The Secret to Glowing Locks

To make your highlights shimmer, add 1 tablespoon of honey to a dollop of your favorite conditioner.

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