Berina Cosmetics Private Ltd. is the top Thailand based brand started with its pioneering position with announcement of hair color liquid in three shades of Black, Brown and Dark Brown.
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Berina  Berina Pro straight Cream (Rebonding)

Berina Pro straight Cream (Rebonding)

Berina Pro Straight Cream is a long lasting smoothing with high performance and high cosmetic effect combined with a hair treatment for curly hair. It can be used on tinted naturally curly hair which get powerful Frizz and relaxes curls and makes your hair in great new looks.

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Berina Pro straight Cream (Rebonding) is in vogue and in great demand too. Straightening hair, especially extremely curly hair, Berina Straight Cream is for Rebonding hair which makes it easy to manage and  looks great appealing. Straightening hair reduces frizz, tight curls or plain wavy hair while still keeping the shine of the hair. Straightened hair also remains smooth and is easy to untangle. It includes straightening cream and adding to it contains Neutralizing balm which gives you smooth, shiny and silky hair.

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Additional information

Weight 300 g

1000ml, 300ml, 60ml

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