Berina - Curling Rod
“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, that is how the saying goes. The beauty and cosmetic industry in India has witnessed a boom over the last few years with the entry of many foreign brands into the Indian beauty and cosmetic market. Despite this sudden boom, experts predict that the Indian cosmetic and beauty industry has great potential for growth. Naturally this means that all sectors of the beauty and cosmetic industry which includes the hair care industry in India are over-due for expansion. For this comes Berina a complete hair care solution which is among the top brands in Thailand for the quantity and quality sales in hair color and hair care products and Berina has been known for benchmark for its quality which is created in many countries. In the year 1955 the factory was established as family business in Bangkok, Thailand. Berina started its pioneering position with the launch of hair color liquid in three shades Black, Brown and Dark brown. After their product hit in the market the factory brand became “Berina” which was founded by Mr.Chareon and it was registered in Thailand in the year 1965 and after that spread its wings in all across the world.

As said, every success has a story behind it same berina also have and the reason is Berina believe in working with full dedication and fidelity to serve the consumer with premium quality of products at a reasonable price so to provide them complete satisfaction.

Berina is probably Thailand’s no.1 brand for quantity sales in hair color and hair care. Berina products have created its market in many countries viz. Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Kuwait, Dubai, Nepal, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Bahrain, Singapore and other Asian and Middle East countries. Berina is not only successful in hair color but also top leading brand in hair professional products viz. hair straightener cream, extra straight cream, rebonding cream, bleaching powder, highlighter, peroxide cream, hair spa, heat protector, hair solution, hair coat, shiny wax, almond milk, shine up spray, hair setting, shampoo, conditioner, leave on conditioner
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    Shiny Wax Wave Lotion Leave-on-conditioner Hair Gel
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