Berina Academy
Training presents a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge base for all people which is one of the most profitable investments an organization can make. No matter what business or industry so with the Berina Hair care products Berina gives the training on Hair under the name of Berina" hair & beauty salon and academy in mega cities like Kathmandu in year 2005 and in Mumbai in year 2007. The Vision of this academy is to give training on hair chemical and latest hair fashion.

The courses we offer are
• One day look & learn refresher course for existing hair dressers of India and
• Three & six day's diploma courses including hair coloring, highlighting, straightening, rebonding and hair care tips and many more.


Product Category   Color Fashion Hair Fashion Hair Care Solution Style Guide
Home   Hair Color Straight Cream Heat Protector Hair Spray
    Bleaching Powder Extra Straight Cream Hair Coat Hair Mousse
    Shiny Wax Wave Lotion   Hair Gel
      Hair Straightener Leave-on-conditioner Shine Up
        Berina Solution  
        Protein Conditioner  
        Berina Shampoo